Thursday, September 8, 2011

Victory with Victoria! Happiest First Birthday...

So, for anyone who knew me well- you knew I vowed to NEVER have any more kids after I had my first baby, my little spitfire, Olivia.  :)   Motherhood at first was BRUTAL for me- what I thought was going to be like a fun accessory, ended up being more like a total makeover!   So, I decided "NO MORE KIDS!" I was fully content with my precious little girl.   But then God decided otherwise when I became pregnant again.   This is why I know GOD KNOWS WHATS BEST!

Our sweet little Tori was brought into this world, September 11, 2010.  That was just the first thing in how Tori has changed my outlook on life.  Like many others, 9-11 was a hard day for me, as I was living in NYC at the time and just happened to be downtown that day and witnessed the horror that for ever will haunt so many.  Now it is a day that I remember how God can restore anything.

This year has been healing in so many ways.  I now know the joy that other mothers talked about with having a newborn.  I can actually say I enjoyed waking up in the middle of the night to nurse my baby. I soaked in and loved every minute I have had this first year of Tori's life.

God truly blessed us with an amazing baby.  She has the most amazing temperament of ANY baby I have met or will ever meet.  She never cried as an infant... ate like a champ... great sleeper... never had an ear infection...  always perfectly content.    Her temperament remains very much the same today.  She is very go with the flow- always happy- always smiling.

Happy Birthday my little Victoria Viola!

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  1. Oh how similar our paths are Sandi - at least with our kiddos. Our feisty firstborns followed by our sweet, laid back second born babes. Both beautiful in their own way and SO different from each other. I never knew about you being in NYC on 9/11 and how cool that the Lord brought Tori into your lives on the same date to show you more of His character. He has such a purpose in everything huh? Hope little miss Victoria has a FANTASTIC birthday. Please tell Olivia hello from Abbie. I think that they will always be kindred spirits even though they only spent a short amount of time with each other - they definitely come from the same mold huh? Miss you!