Thursday, December 29, 2011

To Make a Long Story Short...

Wow- uh really?! My goal was what, to blog like once a week?!  None the less- better now than never.  So with the last blog post being Victoria's first birthday - let me catch you up to speed.
Let's just hit the highlights for the last 3 months.

October- 2 kids under 3- the obvious:  HALLOWEEN

Miss Olivia was suppose to be Thumbelina- at least that was the costume we have had for A YEAR now- since I thought I was being "on top of things" and "thrifty" by purchasing the girls costumes last year after Halloween on clearance.  That'll teach me to try to be someone I am not.  ;)   After a day of the most obnoxious meltdowns by Olivia and myself... we finally came up with- a butterfly of some sort-

Miss Victoria was the most adorable little "Tink" ... so I guess I get a point for that one.

And I was some sort of green "dark" fairy- which pretty much portrayed the way I was feeling after a day of battling a 3 year old.  

All in ended up being a fun time out and about scoring some not so much needed candy.  HaPpY hAlLoWeEn. 

Next Post: Thanksgiving... Watch for it Easter 2012

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